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Seattle coffee roaster, Ladro Roasting has its logo over the roastery loading dockSeattle coffee roaster, Ladro Roasting, sources and roasts all coffees for Caffe Ladro and wholesale partners. By building relationships with coffee growers and millers at origin, we hand select the best coffees. We also ensure the agricultural practices are sound and the working conditions are good. Trips to find and purchase coffee happen during the growing season.


Head Roaster, Ryan Rabaca, explains, “We start with a roast level in mind and we look for coffees that we think will shine with that roast. For our light roasts, we are looking for bright, fruity coffees. Our medium and dark roasts focus on heavier, more complex, and caramel notes from the coffee.” With each new coffee, he prepares a sample roast. Then the team uses a process called cupping to discuss the aromas,and flavors. Their perspectives guide the plan for bringing out the coffee’s best taste notes. Ladro has four blends with distinct roast levels, ranging from light to dark. Rabaca clearly defines his goal as a Seattle coffee roaster. He states, “I strive to roast coffee in such a way that our customers drink the best expression of that particular bean.”

Single Origin Coffees

Seattle coffee roaster, Ladro Roasting uses a process called cupping to sample different coffees and roast levels

“On our single origin coffees we know we want them pretty light as to not “cover” the nuances we want to highlight. We taste various roasts curves and adjust them to balance sweetness and acidity,” clarifies CEO Jack Kelly. While discussing Caffe Ladro coffee offerings, Kelly indicated the “most consistent element is our desire to offer a balanced range of coffees. I think we have something for everyone. Our light roasted single origins are amazing and bursting with fruit, but we still have some darker roasts which are incredible and have bittersweet cocoa notes and huge body. We are always innovating, learning, and experimenting. Our ability to change factors like airflow and roast curve (time and temperature) permits us to pull sweetness, acidity and body from beans to create balance in the cup.”

When not sourced at origin, Ladro works with ethical coffee importers who establish relationships with farmers and millers. Those importers include: Atlas, Royal and Sustainable Harvest.

Seattle coffee roaster, Ladro Roasting, uses a Probat   Seattle coffee roaster, Ladro Roasting empties roasted coffee loads into large bins after cooling

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