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On April 1st, we enjoyed a company party to celebrate the whole Ladro team and our upcoming 25th anniversary. Below is a shot of the 2019 Ladro Family.

Ladro Team celebrating 25th Anniversary of Caffe Ladro at company party

Ladro Team–Management

Ladro Management team in 2019

No person will make a great leader who wants to do it all him/her/self/themselves, or to get all the credit for doing it. – Andrew Carnegie (with Ladro edits for inclusiveness)


Jack Kelly, Founder, CEO and Head Coffee Buyer

Bob Ohly, CFO and Partner

Kelly Brown, Chief Administative Officer

Tim Canale, Director of Retail Operations

Elton Polak, Bakery Manager

Sara Sbai, District Manager

Austin Cullen, District Manager

Scott Baldwin, Director of Wholesale Coffee

Ryan Rabaca, Head Roaster, and Coffee Buyer

Katy Kelly, Warehouse and Roasting Operations Manager

Ladro Management not pictured: Keith Green, Warehouse Manager; Tagen McIntyre, IT and Maintenance Department Manager; and Holly Paine, Office Manager

Read on to learn more about the Roasting Team and our Bakery Team.

Ladro Team – Cafe Management

Ladro Cafe Managers, Bakery Manager and Operations management team

Capturing our cafe management staff with completely current folks is difficult. Some of the beautiful people in this photo are now onto other places and some of our current managers are not pictured. Still, they are all family.



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Ladro celebrates 25th anniversary in 2019Ladro celebrates 25th anniversary in 2019