Fireside Blend–Ladro’s Holiday Coffee is Here!

Fireside Blend 2018

Some of you wait all year for Fireside.

Leaves are turning and the evenings are cooler. It is time to build toasty fires, gather friends and family for games, movies, meals, and celebration. Our Fireside Blend is the perfect complement to cozy breakfasts, sweets of all kinds, and after-dinner conversations. It is our holiday coffee.

We roast and share this blend knowing memorable times with family and friends await.

You’ll find this year’s dark roast offers notes of molasses, allspice, and roasted chestnut as always. We’ve chosen lively Fair Trade Organic coffees from Central America and roasted them to perfection for your enjoyment.  As you’ve come to expect, we roast this blend dark and rich, coaxing spicy aromas from the beans with your seasonal pairings in mind. We know you enjoy brewing and gifting this holiday coffee. It is our staff coffee this month, and our bakers did a happy dance when they learned they had our Fireside to take home.

Enjoy this holiday coffee with one of our bakery’s Molasses Cookies or indulge in a piece of Espresso Chip Coffee Cake. Go ahead and relax over a second cup. It is what we would do.

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