Coffee Connoisseur  Gifts

Order Online Coffee from Ladro for coffee connoisseurs and home baristasWe make coffee connoisseur gifts easy to choose.

Is  your coffee connoisseur searching for a new favorite blend?

We offer blends that suit all palettes.

For those who love light roasts, our Queen Anne Blend is the option.

For those who embrace a medium roast, we offer Fremont Blend, which is Fair Trade, Organic certified (FTO).

For those who want a dark roast, we prepare Diablo Blend, which is also FTO.

Our Holiday Blend is a great gift for anyone who loves a dark roast. We named it Fireside Blend (which is also FTO) to conjure the cozy feelings of nights spent gathered and conversing.

Finally, our Sinergia Project: Mocha Java is extra special. We’ve created this high-end, post-roast blend to hearken to one of the first coffee blends the world enjoyed, Mocha Java. It is even packaged to look like a gift.

Looking for a gift that gives back?

Our coffee buyers visit El Salvador annually. On their travels, they found a farm and village that stole their hearts. As a result, we offer one of the coffees from the growers of Ojo de Agua as a giving coffee. This year’s coffee is called Talnamica Honey, named for the farm and the method of processing. For each bag sold, we donate one dollar to the village. We’ve been excited to see how they spend the funds. They purchased the poles necessary to run electricity to the village. They enriched the small school with computers and a soccer field. We update our blog to inform gifters and receivers of this coffee about the people there and about how the donations are used.

Does your coffee lovers enjoy trying coffees from around the world?

We offer a selection of micro-lot coffees each season.

During any given year, you will find coffees from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Central America and South America. Our coffee buyers travel and sample coffees to find the best each growing season.

What brewing methods does your coffee connoisseur use already?

If your home barista has an espresso maker, we obviously recommend our Ladro Espresso Blend. Some people like a darker roast for espresso, in that case, our Diablo Blend makes an espresso that pleases that type of palette.

If coffee lover needs great coffee quickly, we recommend the I-Fill. This brewer offers all the convenience and more quality than you might expect from a single-cup-brewer when paired with Ladro Cups. If  he/she has a single-cup-brewer already, perhaps the gift of Ladro Cups. They contain Diablo Blend freshly roasted, and perfectly dosed in single-use compostable and recyclable pods.



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