Ravenna Caffe Ladro

Caffe Ladro Ravenna joins a thriving neighborhood; it is situated on the corner of 65th Street and Brooklyn Avenue. Stop in for the modern vibe and enjoy amazing coffee at one of the windows, or [...]

Ladro Team

Ladro Team On April 1st, we enjoyed a company party to celebrate the whole Ladro team and our upcoming 25th anniversary. Below is a shot of the 2019 Ladro Family. Ladro Team–Management No [...]

Ladro Bakery

Ladro Bakery What began as a tiny corner behind the espresso bar in Upper Queen Anne Caffe Ladro is now a professional bakery with three large mixers, commercial ovens, and staff working round [...]

Coffee Good

Coffee Good What do we mean by COFFEE GOOD? To us, it is short-hand for the many connections we make through COFFEE with customers, staff, family, farmers, and buyers. All of these people help [...]

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