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Caffe Ladro

Seattle Coffee Sourced and Roasted to Perfection

Seattle Coffee Sourced and Roasted to Perfection


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Ladro Mission

At Caffe Ladro, we strive to provide profound service.
We believe that profound service improves the world.

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Ladro Roasting

We value sustainably and ethically produced coffee, sourcing our green coffees through relationships with coffee farmers and millers. Our range of blends and seasonally changing micro lot coffees remains the cornerstone of Ladro. From coffee origin to your cup, we guarantee our commitment to our customers and community.

With 15 Caffe Ladro cafés to serve you, if you’re looking for great Seattle coffee shops, chances are we are the best coffee near you. Our coffee roastery and in-house bakery serve all our Seattle coffee shops. We’re proud to appear on many best Seattle coffee lists. We hope you visit or try our coffee by having it shipped directly to you.